I often like to masturbate while in clothing store dressing rooms. It’s such a rush knowing that they are people around an I am stroking myself just mere inches away from them.

This story is about a time when I met a young woman at a mall so I could buy the panties that she was wearing. We had met on a different website, I had posted an ad wanting to buy a pair of panties from a woman. I wanted her to wear them for 24 hours and then meet me and let me take them off of her and stay naked and exposed while I sniffed them and stroked myself. The day before she sent me several videos of her fingering herself while wearing them. She was so hot. She even sent me a video of her stuffing them inside herself and slowly pulling them out. My god she was good. She was 22 years old I am 49. Needless to say I was very excited.

The next day I met her at the mall local to her. We went to that sexy clothing store that has a Secret. She wanted to buy more panties for her business. She was wearing a sexy pair of tight sweatpants. As we shopped I would stand next to her and I would rub her cute, tight little ass and slide my hand down and over her sweats to her crotch. I could feel the heat emanating from her, even on the outside of those sweats. I could feel some light dampness too. I did this for about 15 minutes while we shopped.

After she purchased he panties we went to find a “Family Changing bathroom” by the food court. It was occupied so she took me by the hand and lead me into a photo booth. She lifts her shirt and shows me her little 32B, firm as can be, tits. I ask her if I can touch. She tells me to go for it. I start rubbing her belly and chest, her skin warm and soft. I slowly make my way towards her breasts and fondle them. They feel so good in my hands. She grabs my hand and thrusts it into her sweats and over her panties. I can feel that they are absolutely drenched. I am hard as a rock at this point.

The photo booth was directly across from the changing station so I saw the door open up and the people leave. I grab her hand and lead her into the bathroom. I lock the door and survey the room. Te counter with the sink looked nice and sturdy so I told her to strip but leave the panties on. She does and this hot, young woman is standing before me in just a pair of panties, that are soon to be mine. She told me to take the panties off of her. I reach down and hook my thumbs under the waistband and slowly drag them down her hips. I can see her shaven mound and I am starting to shake a little as this is the so taboo. She can feel my hands shaking and giggles and shakes her hips. She lifts each leg as I slip them off and I can see her lips spread a little. I am on my knees as she is standing inches in front of my face. I can feel that they are absolutely drenched. I bring them to my nose and inhale deeply, the scent hits me in my mamalian part of my brain and I am drunk with lust.

I stand up and quickly get undressed while I tell her to hop up on the counter and to expose herself to me. She hops up and brings her knees towards her chest and lets her knees fall to the side. She is completely exposed to me. I bring my hand to my cock and start to stroke as I take another deep sniff.

BANG BANG BANG… We both jump as someone bangs on the door. After my heart drops out of my throat, I say “Occupied” and they leave. It scared us both, and we laugh at our nerves.

I go back to stroking myself and sniffing her panties while looking at her incredibly sexy body. Wishing I could be with her. She starts rubbing her clit with one hand and grabbing her right tit with her other hand, pulling and pinching a nipple while we watch each other.

I ask if I can video this and she says yes. I take out my phone and start recording this epic situation. I ask if I can suck in her nipples. She nods her head in this cute coy way. I lean in and start licking and sucking on each nipple. My cock is now about an inch from her pussy. Our hands keep hitting each other as we both are masturbating furiously. I alternate between sucking her tits and sniffing her panties. Although, I didn’t really need to sniff her panties as her scent was filling the bathroom.

I asked if I could taste what I have been sniffing. She again gives me that sexy look of permission. I grab her by the hips and slide her to the edge of the counter and dive right in. She is so wet that there is a small puddle on the counter. I lick her from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to her clitoral hood. She tastes magical.

I am still stroking my hard cock. there is so much precum leaking out that there is a frothy white foam of precum all over my cock and the FAPing sound is so loud that it is echoing in this tile and concrete bathroom and I am wondering if people outside can hear it.

BANG BANG BANG Again we jump. I again say “Occupied” and we go back to laughing it off. I can tell she is very nervous though and I try to calm her. I try to shift the focus of her attention by stepping close to her so our bodies are very close together and again our hands are bumping into each other.

I whisper into her ear. “You smell and taste so young and fresh, look at the effect you are having on me.” She looks down to see my cock as close to her pussy as can be without actually touching. My cockhead is turning purplish and is as hard as it has ever been.

“I have never wanted a woman as bad as I need you.” I bring her panties to my nose and again breathe in deeply.

I am on the verge of cumming. I can’t hold back any longer. there is no way I can back down off this ledge. I straighten my body up and take a step back as we hand’t talked about where I was to cum.

“I can’t hold back anymore baby. I am going to cum.” I say in a ragged breathe and without any pre discussion or saying a word, she hops off the counter and onto her knees and takes my cock in her hands and brings it to her mouth and swallows me whole. Her mouth was so hot and felt so good that I immediately starting shooting my cum into it. My orgasm was so forceful that it actually hurt to pee for a couple of days. I was stunned, shocked and amazed. I had not thought of that possible ending and it was such a welcome surprise. She got up off her knees, smiled at me and said “I needed that and I wanted to do it for you Daddy, I wanted it to be a surprise for you.”

I smiled and laughed and hugged her. “That was the best surprise I have ever had. Thank you.!”

We got dressed, left the mall, said our goodbyes and went on our merry ways.

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